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Sword Art Online Vol 11: Alicization Turning Download (Translated)

  The english translation of Sword Art Online Volume 11: Alicization Turning has been completed over

Kadacho-sensei 「かだちょ」

If you might notice, we’ve updated our home page with a new art coming in from

Sword Art Online Vol 10: Translation Now Available

If you’ve been following the SAO novels, you’d be waiting and be interested to know that

SAO: Why Heathcliff Won

Sorry guys, just had to post it. Now we know it. LMAO. Via SAO Fanpage.

Persona x Detective NAOTO: Kuudere? KUUDERE YES.

Looking around Dengeki’s announcement on Persona x Detective NAOTO you can’t help but try to find
Browser Themes

[Chrome Themes] Asuna of Sword Art Online

Yo! Can’t believe I enjoyed making the previous theme… so here I am with another one!

Atelier Series Official Chronicle

No other series have taken my interest in their artwork than the Atelier series and Ar