Sakura Izumi by Kadacho

If you might notice, we’ve updated our home page with a new art coming in from Kadacho-sensei, whose art reminds you that moe-ness will rule the world in due time.


Surrender now… to me! Original Art. Full Version here.

She has also made various works about magical girls, and most recently of Kaname Madoka.

Kaname Madoka by yanano / kadacho


And also, Vocaloid!

Vocalove by Yanano / Kadacho

Vocalove by Yanano / Kadacho.

She also drew her own rendition of our site mascot, Sakura Izumi!

Sakura Izumi by Kadacho

Sakura Izumi by Kadacho. THE MOENESS COMPELS YOU!

Honestly, I had a hard time thinking of how to place her in the banner– there are too many ways to do so! But anyway, the update was done, and so far that was my best effort. If you have an idea or suggestion on how to place her in the banner, or any design ideas for the banner, drop us a line here 😀

Anyway, you can hop in on her DeviantArt if you want to see more!



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