Five (?) Must-Listen Anime Songs by Norio Wakamoto

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If I were to choose one anime voice actor that stands above the rest, well… that’s gonna be tough. Not really. I actually have a lot of favorites (including the popular ones like Fukuyama Jun, Suwabe Junichi, Tomokazu Sugita, Miyano Mamoru and a few more), but above them is one voice actor not only me, […]

Mirai Water Apple Style Ad

Mirai Water: Water Reimagined

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Sorry Danny, I just had to do it. Just had to. Muhahahahahahah.

Homura, Panda and Poring

Homura vs Poring

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Been playing around my iPad and Adobe CS6. This was made out of boredom and an itch to make something. lol. I present to you… a video– if ever Homura gets to fight with a Poring from Ragnarok Online.

Soraka Excellent Adventures – A LoL Web Comic Blog

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Do you play League of Legends? It’s a MMOBA (Massive Multiplayer Battle Arena) which is very similar to DoTA and Heroes of Newerth. I go by the same name I use over the web (Tomio Satou) and play at Philippine Servers which Garena handles. I have been playing the game for more than a year […]

Why Heathcliff won in the duel with Kirito

SAO: Why Heathcliff Won

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Sorry guys, just had to post it. Now we know it. LMAO. Via SAO Fanpage.

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