Can’t believe I enjoyed making the previous theme… so here I am with another one!

Asuna has so far caught my attention ever since reading the light novel, Sword Art Online. I’ve been a huge fan of hers, and I was greatly disappointed with the lack of images we had on the net before the anime aired.

Ever since the anime started, I’ve began seeing a lot of images that I can use in making a theme 😀

Anyway, here it is: Asuna of Sword Art Online:


Click here to download and install this theme.

 In this theme I’ve used ZerolShikumai‘s Asuna render. I’ve added a few touches with a blur filter, as well as added more decals with Twilight brushes from Axeraider. Used fonts Vrinda and Khan.

Color Palettes:  #c7664d #a43928 #ffecd1 and #ffd1d1. I used transparency with a PNG file with brush elements in my attempy to put in something ‘digital’ lol.

Character data was taken from her page at the Sword Art Online wiki.

Comments? Suggestions? Reactions? Leave them below in the comments section 😀

Hope you like it guys 😉

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