Tokyo Toshokan Downtime 2012-08-14

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Mami 404

UPDATE AS OF 13:24 +8 GMT: Tokyo Tosho Site is back up.

Mami 404

I want my head back

Just checked this morning and found out that Tokyo Toshokan, a site where a lot of Japanese media torrents are shared with, is down. Checked the status site for information on the downtime:

2012-08-14 Server is currently offline, so I’m assuming that the hard drives are being installed at this time.

2012-08-14 7:40PM Today’s outage is unrelated to the new drives as they’re not being installed yet, so it could be that the OS drive failed, currently waiting for host to check. The hard drives were delivered to the wrong datacenter due to a courier mix up, but the drives are recoverable from the old DC location.

It is still unknown when the site will be back up, so an alternative to check up with is to head over to or to, or by heading directly to the fansub group’s site (a little Googling around will do :D).



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