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True Tears x Hanasaku Iroha x Tari Tari Joint Concert BD to release on Christmas

P.A. Works has produced a spectacular joint concert, “True Tears x Hanasaku Iroha x Tari Tari

Ten (10) Popular Vocaloid Songs in English

Vocaloid, a Japanese voice synthesizer program, has brought about millions of user-generated songs, many of them

fhána to sing anime Witch Craft Works’ Opening Song

Anime starts in January 2014! Who is fhána They are 3 young producers, “Junichi Sato”, “Yuxuki

Movie Trailer: Persona 3 – The Spring of Birth (Fourth Trailer)

Persona 3 Movie: The Spring of Birth is an upcoming movie by Aniplex. This covers at
Culture Exchange

Betting Big in Japan: Let’s Talk Pachinko, SegaSammy and Gainax

In addition to its core gameplay, pachinko also shares another detail with its western slot machine
Same Seiyuu

Anime Chart: Nagi no Asu Kara Voice Actors (Seiyuu)

Author’s note: I’m currently swamped with so many things this month, so making time for doing
Browser Themes

Meet Aizawa Inori: The Magical Girl of Internet Explorer (Mascot)

We have seen Microsoft’s anime-inspired mascot characters like Madobe Nanami for Windows 7  and Madobe Yuu