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Cosmania 2012 – Phone Snapshots

This year’s September has been packed with events left and right, and Cosmania 2012 is one

Tomio Satou Here! Glad to be of Service!

  Photo by Cybil Czeochslandier  Hello Everyone! I’ll be writing for Sakura Index from now on!
Japanese Vocabulary

Japanese Word of the Day # 7: Hito

Word: ひと Kanji: 人 Romaji: hito Type: Noun Meaning: person When talking about an unnamed person,

Shout “Excalibur” while swiping your card

Do you want to feel awesome while buying stuff with your credit card? Do you want

Cosplay Mania 2012 is Coming your Way Head Strong on it’s Fifth Year

We believe September is the busiest month for the Philippine Cosplay Community due to a lot

New Site, New Logo, and New Mascot

Hi there! If you’ve been with us yesterday, you’ve probably known that we’ve just updated the
Desktop Goods

[Wallpapers] Sword Art Online

StudioSDT is one of the best and sought-after illustrators in Comiket and now have created one

SAO: Why Heathcliff Won

Sorry guys, just had to post it. Now we know it. LMAO. Via SAO Fanpage.

Persona x Detective NAOTO: Kuudere? KUUDERE YES.

Looking around Dengeki’s announcement on Persona x Detective NAOTO you can’t help but try to find