Shout “Excalibur” while swiping your card

Written by Crosse

19 September 2012


Do you want to feel awesome while buying stuff with your credit card? Do you want to feel the power of your Noble Phantasm, while you defeat the forces of ‘expensive purchases’ away from your wallet?

Well, JACCS has something for you. If you’re a Fate Zero fan and love purchasing things with your credit card, this will definitely put the ‘Y’ in your Yuetsu.


EEXXXXCCCCCCCCALIBAAA– caching! You are charged 1000 JPY

From what I understand from its promotion page, this card will allow you to purchase from online stores such as Amazon, Tsutaya, Yahoo Japan and Apple Store Japan.


A list of online stores you can use this card on.

Using the card on these stores will apparently give you more bonus points for rebates and rewards. Though there are a lot of stuff on the site about the points conversion that I still have yet to be able to understand, it seems that it will be treated like a normal credit card with loyalty points for every purchase.

Here is a quick look into the terms and conditions for acquiring the card:

Card Issuance

Card s will be issued by November 2012. You can sign up ahead of that date.
Only one card per person. Company will check if you have an existing card with the company.
Application is also open for minors under 18 years of age in Japane. Guardians must secure a consent for the minor.

Annual Fee

Annual fee is free for the first year, then charged on the succeeding year ※
※ If you use more than $ 50 000 on the card, no annual fee the from this year to the next year. If less than $ 50 000 was spent, you will be charged an annual fee 1,312 yen (62 yen consumption tax included) the next year.

Supplementary insurance

● Travel Insurance: Save up to 20 million yen insurance
● Domestic travel accident insurance: insurance up to 10 million yen
● Theft Insurance: 60 days before filing, 60 days, a total of 121 days to compensate for the damage caused by unauthorized use of lost or stolen cards. You will be required to submit a notice of loss to the nearest police station
● Service Safety Net: If your card gets charged for an unauthorized purchase, you have 90 days from the date of charging to report for compensation.

How to apply

Registration via internet is accepted via our 128-bit encrypted SSL service.

Card Re-issue

Cards will be issued only when damaged, lost or stolen. Original design cards of “Fate / Zero Card” will be issued in October 2013, however later if issued with a protective jack. Replacement/re-issue costs 1,050 yen (50 yen consumption tax included).

About the expiration date of the card

Expiration date of the card and the first five years, appears on the face value card.
And switching card issue in the design of our Jacks card given at the time of renewal.

There you have it. Too bad this isn’t available outside Japan. ._.



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