Genshin-Impact-Cup-Sleeve-Event-1Genshin Impact Cup Sleeve Doujin Event @ UNBOX Greenhills

Ozine organized a Genshin Impact Cup Sleeve Event at UNBOX Greenhills, located at the second floor of Greenhills Promenade in San Juan City on 17 to 18 September 2022. It was one event that Genshin Impact fans in the Philippines flocked to in droves.

We were there to drop by Day 1 and here are some shots we took from this small yet great event over the weekend.

Cup Sleeve + Latte Art

The Cup Sleeves, at the Hobby Hive Cafe, available for the event were Cyno, Qiqi, Nilou, Lesser Lord Kusanali, and Tighnari. It’s a good selection as 4 of 5 characters that are on the game’s 3.0 and 3.1 updates. For an additional 50 pesos, you’d get a latte art of your favorite Genshin Impact characters.

The Merch

There were a handful of merch tables that did sell Genshin Impact merchandise for the fans. From t-shirts to fan art to key chains and others, they were available for this cup sleeve event.


Why YES! There was a gacha system in play, at least in one booth. One booth had a Gashapon Machine that cost 25 pesos per ‘wish’.

I got a chance to do a ‘wish’ myself and pulled a Cyno!

Here’s hoping I do get a Cyno when his banner comes out.

I’m sure fellow Genshin Impact fans who dropped by enjoyed this weekend event. Here’s to more Genshin Impact events at UNBOX!



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