[Chrome Theme] Jean Theme for Genshin Impact Free Download

Written by Crosse

17 March 2022

Google Chrome Browser Theme Gensin Impact Free Download Jean

This is a responsive browser theme with Jean from Genshin Impact as its main character!

IMPORTANT: This theme may not display or function properly when installed on Microsoft Edge Browsers as this makes use of the peculiarities of the NTP_Attribution block in creating theme files and layouts. A workaround is still currently unavailable unless we publish a version specifically for Microsoft Edge.

It’s been a long time since my last theme, but let’s (try) to kick off 2022 with a new theme from the popular anime game Genshin Impact, and we’re starting with the Acting GrandMaster of the Knights of Favonius Jean!

Google Chrome Genshin Impact Browser Theme Free Download Screenshot

She is the head of the Mondstadt’s famed Knights of Favonius, taking care of the group and the city in the absence of its original GrandMaster. Coupled with a great team and an artifact build she can be a great addition to your lineup!

Take her through your day as a browser theme and you will be able to feel her help and protection as you go through your daily grind.

This time we used a color combination of blue and green, symbolizing her use of a wind Vision, as well as being protective of her sister. We used the Mondstadt icon as a centerpiece for this theme as we plan on grouping our themes according to each character’s region and affiliation.


Google Chrome Genshin Impact Browser Theme Free Download Responsive Layout Sample

This theme incorporates the idea of “Responsive Design”; which means that the elements and the design of the background should be able to adjust according to the screen width and size. We had adapted a different element slicing idea– so you should not worry if you’re on widescreen or not!


Install Genshin Impact Jean Google Chrome Browser Theme on the Chrome Web Store!

Click this button to download this theme (Opens the Google Chrome Webstore)

No special instructions on installing the theme– all you need to do is to click the install button in the Chrome Webstore


This project is not an official product of Genshin Impact, MiHoYo, or its affiliates, so please don’t badger them in case it doesn’t work for you. The theme should work across all Chrome versions that can use themes. Any theme updates that will be published in the Chrome Webstore should automatically existing installs. If not, a simple re-installation would suffice. If in case you do encounter a problem, please note your browser version number and the last three steps or stuff that you did that made you arrive at that problem and send it to inquiries@sakuraindex.jp.

You can also find the source code of this project in Github: https://github.com/alexneri/genshin-impact-chrome-theme-jean.

Alternatively, fill in the form at https://valendia.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/2 and I will be glad to assist you 🙂

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