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This is a responsive Google Chrome browser theme featuring Diluc from Genshin Impact!

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This brooding and aloof Diluc from Genshin Impact uses his fiery attacks to burn any opponent in Genshin Impact!
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He is a powerful character who is hinted to have been a former member of the Knights of Favonius. Make sure to bring this powerful DPS character everywhere to clear your missions.
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Bring him from the game and into your Chrome browser through this theme, and he’ll make sure you won’t encounter nasty foes while browsing the net!
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The color palette used is the same red color he has on his uniform, and the light red background based on the light accents on his hair. We used the Mondstadt icon as a centerpiece for this theme as we plan on grouping our themes according to each character’s region and affiliation.
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This Theme is Responsive

This theme incorporates the idea of “Responsive Design”; which means that the elements and the design of the background should be able to adjust according to the screen width and size. We had adapted a different element slicing idea– so you should not worry if you’re on widescreen or not!
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No special instructions on installing the theme– all you need to do is to click the install button in the Webstore and grab this Google Chrome browser theme featuring Diluc from Genshin Impact!
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Support & License

This project is not an official product of Genshin Impact, MiHoYo, or its affiliates, so please don’t badger them in case it doesn’t work for you. The theme should work across all Chrome versions that can use themes. Any theme updates that will be published in the Chrome Webstore should automatically existing installs. If not, a simple re-installation would suffice. If in case you do encounter a problem, please note your browser version number and the last three steps or stuff that you did that made you arrive at that problem and send it to inquiries@sakuraindex.jp.
Alternatively, fill in the form at our helpdesk and I will be glad to assist you 🙂
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