More-Than-One Heart –Yumi-Kawamura-(Sakura-Soundtrip)-Sakura-Index-cover

More Than One Heart by Yumi Kawamura, featured in Persona 3 The Movie # 1: Spring of Birth, is this month’s song for Sakura Sountrip!



Persona fans would remember that Yumi Kawamura is also the singer to the Persona 3 soundtrack. She sang some memorable songs such as “Burn my Dread” and “Kimi no Kioku / Memories of You”.


Persona 3 The Movie # 1: Spring of Birth was released in would be the very first anime movie that adapted the events of the videogame Persona 3. The story of the game would continue for 3 more movies after.


I feel that featuring this song is timely as the month of March marks the start of spring season in Japan.



One thing about “More Than One Heart” by Yumi Kawamura is how hard it hits to the Persona fans. Like, hit you in the feels. Especially to the Persona 3 players out there.


That’s it for this March’s Sakura Soundtrip. 🙂


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