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Anime Folder Icons Download (Spring 2012)

My finals has finally come to and end, and so I got almost a whole day

Gunbound Stays Solid with a Third Season

If you’re an online gamer for about ten years, the title “Gunbound” is nothing foreign to

Best of Anime 2012

It’s here! Best of Anime 2012 will be held at the SMX Convention Center 3rd Level
Japanese Vocabulary

Japanese Word of the Day #6: Suki

Word: すき Kanji: 好き Romaji: suki Type: adjective (な) Meaning: to like

Tokyo Toshokan Downtime 2012-08-14

UPDATE AS OF 13:24 +8 GMT: Tokyo Tosho Site is back up. I want my head
Browser Themes

[Chrome Themes] Asuna of Sword Art Online

Yo! Can’t believe I enjoyed making the previous theme… so here I am with another one!
Music 11

Uchuusentai NOIZ: Kamikazee’s NARDA Cover

This Rendition of Narda will knock your socks off Have you heard of Uchusentai NOIZ? Or

Manila Flooding 07 August 2012 20:50 +8 GMT

This post does not have a picture. This post will not have any special keywords. The
Browser Themes

[Chrome Theme] Mirai Suenaga Chrome Theme

With a little bit of help from poking around the net, I was able to try
Online Games

Rakion: Still Rock Solid at Five

The free-to-play online game title Rakion has been heard by a typical hardcore player at least