The free-to-play online game title Rakion has been heard by a typical hardcore player at least a couple of times. The game, developed and published by South Korean company Softnyx, has been keeping its place in the competitive online gaming industry for five years running. For these past years, Rakion has undergone drastic improvements which players can find refreshing, as most free-to-play games having a click-and-kill style are starting to become a drag nowadays.

Rakion: More than just a thrilling action PVP game
Rakion Chaos Force can be said as one of the first, if not the first, PVP-centered multiplayer online game that greatly encourages the use of a player’s skill techniques and character performance. Rakion has similar features found in majority of other MMO’s out there: five different classes, a comprehensive leveling system, a diverse range of armory and skill trees and eye-popping graphics. What makes this game unique, however, is that it takes more than just clicking and combinations key presses to get the advantage in the PVP field. In Rakion, you control your character with both WASD keys as well as left and right mouse clicks. It allows free style controls with any combination of moves, faints, blocks and dashes. An online action game with a third person perspective treatment seen in most console games is one way to describe it. This idea might have been adopted by some other MMO’s as well, but Softnyx can be said as the first to ever conceptualize and implement it on an actual game.

A peek on the different classes
As mentioned earlier, Rakion has a set of different classes to choose from: the sword-wielding Warrior, the magical nuking Mage, the long-ranged, agile Archer, the heavy iron-clad Blacksmith and the swift Ninja class. Apart from this, once a character reaches level 99, an option is given to the player for class advancement along with some requirements. Once a character completes a class advancement, a wider range of weapons and armor becomes available. Below is the list of the primary classes.


Swordsman is the core in the battle and the strongest man at close quarter combat. Nobody can find his weak point at the battle if he is yielding a sharpened sword and equipping a firm armor. There are two types of swords men: one can discipline himself to improve his skills and the other can engage in combat with a creature, using Cell Points to his advantage.



 “Please don’t show me your tender neck. That is going to be my favorite target.”

In early times, Archers formed a group and had a specialized role with exploiting long ranged attacks. But after creatures appeared, they became accustomed to do more approaching attacks. They equip middle sized swords because of their light weight.




The blacksmiths are accustomed at killing creatures and collecting cells, so they are fearless of any enemy that roams in the battlefield.

Blacksmiths used to make armors and weapons until the time of the cell arrived. Now they try to collect and trim the cell as much as they can. They are a little bit slow but they are the strongest class in the game.



“Speed can overcome everything that gets in my way.”

A Ninja is a female assassin. She can approach the enemy quickly but silently. She is dispatched to the continent to discover the secret of the cell.




Mages think that the world is a struggling place for them since the cells were introduced. People use cell frequently rather than magic because of its convenience. They specialize in magic against the cell. In addition, mages can back up combat-styled characters. They are more skilled at defending themselves rather than giving damage towards the enemy. Mages can also be used as support for they can weaken the enemy and make creatures stronger at same time.


Other things to look forward in Rakion:
Chaos System – one of the unique features of Rakion is the so-called Chaos System, wherein a character can transform to a much powerful entity for a short period of time, executing fiercer attacks and dishing out more damage to enemies.

Clan System – similar to other online games out there, the guild system in Rakion is called a “clan”. Previously, managing a clan has to be done off-game, through the official website. Now, clan leaders can invite, remove and do other important changes in-game.

Enchant System – of course, a way for characters to develop their stats is through gear enhancement. The game has three kinds of gear modification: normal enchant (upgrades equipment by 1 level per success, use of catalyzers increases success rate), dissolve and roll (dismantles weapon to convert them to roll points), and roll (gives random enchantments on an item, has a possibility to get a +20 enchantment by luck).

Cell System – the game’s summoning system. At a certain point in the game, a player is given a cell creature as an aide for tough adventures. Each cell creature has a special set of abilities. You can equip a maximum of 3 cell creatures at a time. The higher the cell creature’s level, the more cell points (CP) it requires to be summoned.

Other Game Modes – players can challenge and duel themselves out with two exciting game modes: team-based death matches and PvE stage mode.

Cash Shop – Rakion might be a free-to-play game but players are given better options to optimize their gaming experience with its very own cash shop. Also, there are Event Items available which can only be bought with Event Points, a special currency gained when playing Rakion on a regular basis.

Videos and more
These are just some of the features being offered in Rakion Chaos Force. You can check the following YouTube videos below to get a better picture of the game. If you wish to see more of Rakion action, you can visit Rakion’s YouTube channel here.
Promotional Video 1:
Promotional Video 2:
Promotional Video 3:
Promotional Video 4:

For more Rakion news and updates, visit and like their Facebook page at

Get started!
If you think Rakion Chaos Force is the game for you, get started by downloading the game client at their official website ( Registration is easy (you can register using your Facebook account) and there are download mirrors to choose from.

Softnyx is also running an ongoing event that beginners will sure to love! From August 6 to September 13, 2012, new players will receive a “Beginner’s Package” upon registration. Old players, on the other hand, will receive a free stage reset during this time period. Three new items will also be released this month! Check out their official website for more details!



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