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With a little bit of help from poking around the net, I was able to try out creating a Chrome Theme. I used Mirai Suenega as a test subject, since her raw files and PSD images were readily available from DannyChoo (lol). After this I might have a hand in trying out creating more themes from our favorite anime characters and series 😀

Anyway, here’s Mirai Suenaga’s theme!

Layout composed of around two to three images, which are dynamic and automatically adjusts according to the browser’s screensize and/or zoom level ([Ctrl]+[MouseWheel]). Colors are based on DC’s gradients and color palettes: #FFA800 and #FF6600.

Text color on the browser’s quick-dial buttons (ntp_text) were made white to emphasize the buttons themselves; and also to make the ntp_attribution text hidden (the ‘Theme Created by’ text) since the image for that field was also used by the layout to make the images dynamic.

Click here to install the updated version of this theme.

The theme should install automatically; if it does not, navigate to where you downloaded the file, then drag and drop it into the browser window. It should then install. 😀

Hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

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