If you’re an online gamer for about ten years, the title “Gunbound” is nothing foreign to you. One thing that surprised us is that the game is still alive and kicking! Despite its uncomplicated gameplay and simple graphics, the Korean casual shooting gamedeveloped by Softnyx stays strong and hopes to dominate the online gaming industry once more. With about 300,000 active and dedicated players on its official server, Gunbound has prided itself in being one of the longest-running and enjoyable free-to-play turn-based games out there.

Gunbound: What it is and what to expect

Gunbound is a turn-based, room-to-room, casual artillery shooting game. It is a battle among one-seater weapons called “Mobile” and they engage in destructive fights across seven different moons in a planet called “Lond”. You have a wide variety of mobiles designed and uniquely optimized in each battle area in the planet. Your objective is to destroy mobiles controlled by the other side before they eliminate your team. Other important factors are also needed to be considered, such as the wind, shooting angles, and moon disks. If you played Angry Birds and other games with the same theme, then this might be a game you want to try.


What’s new in Gunbound?

In celebration of Gunbound’s tenth anniversary, the game will be launching its third season with a couple of changes that will make your gaming experience much enjoyable:

  • New background music
  • New game logo and icon
  • Improved user interface
  • Server “Team Battle” to be added
  • Story continuation: another confrontation between Observador and Dark Observador is about to happen

A number of in-game events will also be done from August 7 to September 4 while waiting for the third season launch.

If you haven’t played Gunbound but interested to give it a try, you can check their official website here. The game also welcomes returning players, and I guess it won’t hurt to spend a bit of free time in playing this classic once again.



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