CONQuest 2023 is set to be the biggest CONQuest Festival yet and its happening on June 2 to 4 in Manila. How big? Compared to last year’s lineup, CONQuest 2023 has a stacked roster of announced guests that includes the top streamers and content creators in the Philippines and even known content creators, VAs and cosplayers across the globe.


You got famous streamers of Valorant to famous voice actors all converging to Manila this coming June for CONQuest.




Here’s what we know so far:



Two venues!



CONQuest 2023 is setting the stage for more than one venue this year with two (2) confirmed venues in form of the SMX Convention Center and the Conrad Hotel. Here’s the kicker though, it’s two venues as of NOW. There is no telling if there’s a third venue but from some of their soc med posts, you better not count that out of the equation. There might be a 33.3% chance (in Steiner math) of that happening.


Big Waves of Guests






As of April 21st, CONQuest 2023 has announce three waves of guests. There is a note that there may be more ‘waves’ coming. So you better brace yourselves for more big announcements from their facebook page.



One of the most anticipated appearances for CONQuest 2023 is James Reid. The Filipinpo-Australian artist is set to be part of CONQuest 2023’s music night. Korean Indie-Rock band The Rose will also be part of this year’s festival to add to the music night as well as other names to be announced.



New guests for CONQuest 2023 include famous international content creators like Valkyrae, Pokimaine, among others. Returning guests include Kyedae, OfflineTV’s Lilypichu (the English voice actress of Genshin Impact‘s Sayu) and many more.


CONQuest 2023’s voice actor guest list is way more stacked compared to last year’s. Genshin Impact fans such as myself will surely have a field day this year as VA’s of Gorou, Barbara, Raiden, Yae and others will be part of the festival. You might even spot a Persona english voice actor in the mix if you look closely.


Get your tickets now!


We are just one big announcement away and for sure the tickets would be sold out. In case you haven’t bought any tickets yet, now is your chance to do so.


Go to and buy now!


Check out their official facebook page for more announcements for CONQuest 2023.


Don’t forget that #CONQuest2023 and #SeeYouInTheSkies are the official hashtags of CONQuest 2023!



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