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ATLUS’ Timeless Dungeon-Crawler series is coming on Steam and the Nintendo Switch™ with the “Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection”

April 21, 2023 – SEGA is pleased to announce that Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection is due to release on the Nintendo Switch™ and Steam on June 1, 2023 (Thu). In celebration of the upcoming launch of the collection which includes Etrian Odyssey HD, Etrian Odyssey II HD, and Etrian Odyssey III HD, we are excited to introduce the remastered titles in a series of introductory announcements. In the weeks leading up to the launch, we will introduce the new features added to the series, gameplay, and the story behind each title.

In the weeks leading up to the launch, we will introduce the new features added to the series, gameplay, and the story behind each title.

About the Etrian Odyssey Series

Etrian Odyssey is a 3D dungeon-crawling RPG series where players select five adventurers from a variety of classes and combine their skills to search for an immense treasure sleeping within a vast labyrinth, all while creating a unique and personalized map.

The labyrinths are complex and inhabited by fierce monsters. Reach their inner depths by tracking your path on a fresh map, taking notes of any hidden shortcuts, plants, minerals, and treasure chests you encounter on the way.

Etrian Odyssey Origin Collections features three adventures with newly added quality-of-life elements such as difficulty selection, auto-mapping function, and more. Additionally, the labyrinths have been born anew with vibrant, high-definition graphics.

Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection HD - Key Visual

An Adventure Guide for Etrian Odyssey HD! Create Your Own Map while Exploring an Unknown Labyrinth!

The labyrinth that you encounter in your adventure has yet to be explored and charted. Create a new map as you make your way through the labyrinth, jotting down the path you take with your own hands.

A detailed map is essential to navigating the deepest recesses of the labyrinth. As you explore these areas, actively take note of anything that catches your eye, such as locked doors, springs of healing, ores, plants, and traps.

Furthermore, the HD remasters have an auto-mapping function that automatically records all the floors and walls you come across! The new feature is a welcome addition for newcomers and those who are worried about creating a map from scratch.

Draw walls and floors to create the base of the map, and then place icons to mark any doors, treasures, or points of interest you discover. If you run across any treasures or pitfalls, place an icon so you don’t forget about them later.

Defeat the Monsters that Roam the Labyrinth and Create a Powerful Party

Fearsome monsters lurk within the Labyrinth. Defeating them will increase your party’s level and grant you skill points. Use these skill points to unlock powerful abilities for each class.


Party Member Classes

There are various different classes in the series—for example, protectors shield their allies from deadly attacks, hexers use curses to manipulate their enemies, and medics restore the party with their healing abilities. Level up unique skills from each class and use them during battles!

Materials dropped by monsters can be sold at Shilleka’s Goods in the town. As you sell more and more materials, the shop will begin to stock new and powerful weapons, armors, and accessories.

Collect tons of materials and bring them to Shilleka’s Goods!

Among the enemies lurking inside the Labyrinth, there are particularly fearsome monsters known as FOEs. Their HP and attack power are significantly higher than the usual enemies you encounter, so it’s best to avoid them at all costs.

Unlike the typical monsters you come across in random encounters, FOEs can be visibly seen as they roam through the Labyrinth. Understanding their movement patterns and keeping a distance from them is an important facet of the game.

Defeating FOEs will grant you a massive amount of EXP, and the items that they drop can be used to craft powerful weapons. Once you’ve leveled up your party sufficiently, try taking them on!

Facilities that Will Assist You Throughout Your Adventure

The town contains plenty of helpful places that will aid you in your journey.

• The Rooster Inn

Staying overnight at the inn will recover your party’s HP and TP. Items can also be stored away here.

• Ceft Apothecary

Party members suffering from injuries or status ailments can be healed at the apothecary. Recovery items are also sold here.

• Shilleka’s Goods

Weapons can be bought and sold at this shop. Selling materials dropped by monsters to the store will expand its inventory and unlock new products.

• Golden Deer Pub

At the pub, you can look through and accept requests from people living in the town. There are numerous types of requests. Some require you to track down a specific material, and others will ask you to take down certain monsters.

Completing requests will grant money and items, so make sure to stop by the pub whenever you return to town.

• Radha Hall

Progress through the main story is achieved by completing missions from the Radha Hall. You can record any monsters and items you find in the Monstrous Codex and the Item Compendium.

Pre-Order Now and Receive an Early-Bird Bonus: Character Portrait DLC Set

The “Character Portrait DLC Set” Early-Bird Bonus DLC for “Etrian Odyssey Origins Collection” (3-game bundle) allows players to change the appearances of their adventurers to those of beloved ATLUS characters. This is a free DLC that will be available for a limited time. Get the Early-Bird Bonus and explore the Labyrinth with your favorite ATLUS characters!



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