ESGS 2022 was on hand last month at the SMX Convention Center and one of the featured booths was the Genshin Impact booth. Hoyoverse had the Genshin Fans lining up all three days of ESGS. While it was not the biggest booth, it was one of the booths that a lot of fans lined up for.



Before anything else, let’s get the FAQs out of the way.


Q1: Did they give out codes for primogems, skins, or weapons?

Answer: Nope

Q2: Was there a teleport waypoint ?

Answer: Yes

Q3: Did they sell any merch?

Answer: Yes


Done? Ok. Let’s get to it!


Genshin Impact Merchandise


The booth did sell some official Genshin Impact Merch and I’m here to share first the price tags that were on display. It also helped they put the prices on the items as well in to speed up the line.


Pricelists of the Genshin merch (click on the images to enlarge to full size)


I had to admit the selection on day 1 seemed minimal but we had no news on day 2 as it was crowded. Below are the shots of the merchandise we saw on Days 1 and 3 as we were the first in line on both days.


Some of the available Genshin Merch (click on the images to enlarge to full size)



A thing called ‘Quest’


Genshin Impact is not without quests for the players, so they added some quest mechanics for those who were lined up at the booth. They had three simple quests.


1. Greet Katheryne of the Adventurers’ Guild correctly to receive a postcard


2. Answer a question from the Genshin Impact trivia to win a random book mark


3. Take a Photo/Video with the Genshin Impact Teleport Waypoint, share to social media with the following text “If I can teleport, I want to go to _____” and the hashtags #GenshinTeleport and #GenshinImpact to recieve a random slime paper headwear



While there were no freemogems or codes for the primogems, the Genshin fan in me felt fulfilled. My wallet, not so much. Took a big hit. And you can tell by the crowd surge in the area on all three days that this was one of the popular booths in ESGS 2022.


We wish to thank the ones at the Genshin Impact booth for letting us take a few shots before the opening of Day 3 for most of the on-table merch pictures we have in this article. Special thanks to Gariath Concepts for letting us have media access on all three days of ESGS 2022!



Photo Credits: Author and TheSlickMaster of The SlickMaster’s Files



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