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2 Comments to Steins;Gate Ep07

  1. I think that the past can be changed in this anime, just look at how Kurisu managed to reappear alive after the strange bend in time in the first episode or so. And also, if time couldn’t be altered, then the main goal of John Titor would be impossible to achieve, and where does that leave the plot then?

    1. My theory on Okarin’s time travel abilities does not exactly debunk the possibility of him changing the past, but I also do not discount the possibility that making drastic changes to the reality of the current timeline will be easy as sending a simple text message to the past. I was merely stating possibilities out of the current time-travel theories out there, and relating them to the current events in the episode itself. It’s true that Kurisu’s death have been averted by the text message of Okarin to the past; however it may have been a side-effect of what actually changed in the next timeline (the conference being cancelled, and Kurisu not being at the building at the time, hence saving her from being killed).

      Also, I’ve noticed that the duration of the “strange pause” in which Okarin finds himself staring out into space right after were different. My guess here was that this is the period of the timelines converging after a divergence point, upon which the world tries to “heal itself” after a change occurs. Since the lottery ticket is just a minor change, the shift was short. But I digress…

      Anyway, I was just suggesting that the Okarin’s time travel abilities may still be harder than what we expect or imagine, since there are multiple theories out there that can work with or against his changes. We also still lack more essential clues as to how this will actually play out, and I am really interested on how Okarin will make use of the existing time-travel theories to work out a solution.


      (p.s.: thanks for reading my theory and post about this ep. this rarely happens, and I hreatly appreciate it. ;D)

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