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Spring 2013 Male Anime Character Popularity Ranking Results Posted!

We often see anime character popularity polls popping out every now and then in a few

Kirino Will Grace Your PS3 Soon – Give her a Happy End!

After their first two outings in the form on visual novels for the PSP, Namco Bandai

Music Covers: Persona 4 – Never More ENGLISH by Sapphire

There are some covers that are good. There are some covers that are bad. Still some,
Culture Exchange

Hatsune Miku Invades The Opera Scene with [The End]

From our computer screens to the concert stage as a virtual diva, Hatsune Miku is now

Anime Folder Icons Download (Spring 2013)

It’s been a while! I have read a lot of comments asking for the new icon

Seiyuu Project

Dreaming of Voice acting~ Halloooo everyone, its been awhile since my last post and I promised
Browser Themes

[Chrome Theme] Kuroneko from Ore no Imouto (Summer Wear)

This theme was a bit delayed, and for that I apologize! Anyway, this theme gets a

Boku to Kanojo no Renai Mokuroku: Dat Ending

Just recently I’ve been reading up on manga titles that catch my attention, not to mention