Dreaming of Voice acting~

Halloooo everyone, its been awhile since my last post and I promised a post regarding Dragonsaga. However, due to the intense summer heat, I suddenly had the inspiration to start a project–my very own I-want-to-be-a-seiyuu Project! It all started when I was teasing one of my friends (you know who you are) when I sent him a voice recording of mine which says the following words: “Hai, goshujin-sama~”.

Needless to say, said friend was freaked out. Even I, was freaked out when I listened to my own voice. It was clear he did not expect that I could be able to have a sweet-sounding voice since I am always boisterous (yes I can be a very “loud” girl) whenever we talk over voice chat. Its as if we are hearing a whole new different person or character and not the same old me. I had to admit, I was laughing it out at my friend’s reaction when he kept on asking, who was that girl he heard in the recording. <Click–>>Sample>
Since then, I have been thinking, what if I try to sound like a maid-san?  Or a tsundere girl? Or be that shy imouto?

I am not very good with memorizing so I only know of a few Nihongo words especially used in animes’. Iam also having problems in inflecting the emotions of a personality like a tsundere or imouto girl. And so it has come to this, I am now determined to see if my voice can be used in voice acting and singing!

This will be an on-going project until I think I have reached my limit (mwehehehehe) or if a friend’s eardrums has exploded (yep, same guy). I don’t have any professional training, equipment, nor a studio to make recordings, but I will try my best to deliver what I can using my hardworking laptop, a cheap headset (given as a gift by another friend) and shameless shouting, singing, until we hear that anime-ish, angelic character.




Feel free to comment if you have any suggested anime lines for me to say. Romaji or Hiragana please, and no profane, vulgar lines. Its too early to try eroge mwehehehe




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Ohooo, what do you think?

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