This theme was a bit delayed, and for that I apologize!

Anyway, this theme gets a full summer treatment with the adorable Kuroneko in a summer dress– which we all know as Shironeko! I paired the sky-blue color treatment with her summer dress for emphasis on the season she -sort of- represents. I used a lot of flat colors on the design, and pulled off a bit of an out-of-focus effect on some of the waves to give off a 3-D feeling. As for the NTP_Attribution segment, I decided to throw in a bit of a transparent DIV style that you see in many modern websites.

As usual, here are the specific details of the theme:


  • 76beff
  • 4a7ca9
  • 26435c – text
  • Cae0f4 – light
  • 84c6e9 – lower – gradient
  • 162c47 – Text for Tabs
  • 37404c – Tab Background Text
  • Brushes:
    • Ornamental
    • Waves
  • Fonts:
    • Source Sans Pro
    • Brandon Grotesque W01 Light

## All colors listed are hex values ##

So if you’ve got questions, comments and suggestions, feel free to put in a review or comment, or send us an email at We’d love to hear from you. Hope you all enjoy it!

Also accessible via ThemeBeta!


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