There are some covers that are good. There are some covers that are bad. Still some, not even close.

BUT this cover: Perfect. Somehow it seems and feels natural to listen to. And it invokes those memories that you’ve made (through your playthroughs).

Watch the Video:

And oh, they also have provided a

Download Link

Download Never More [English Cover] by Sapphire!

Video Credits and Staff:

Vocals: Sapphire
Lyrics: Y. Chang (http://www.youtube.com/YChangVAA)
Instrumental: SHADOWFOX2 (http://www.youtube.com/SHADOWFOX02)

And now, the english lyrics that were used:


Take a deep breath, it’s time to say goodbye
This may be the end but it’s okay I’ll be alright
Sad nevermore, baby I’m sure it’s for the better don’t cry

Farewell to all those days we spent together all of them cheerful and free
Nobody knew it wouldn’t last forever now it’s a faint memory
Gloomy skies may take away my sunshine leaving me cold in the dark
That’s alright cause baby, now I feel fine I’ve got you here always in my heart

So far away and yet you seem so near
The moments we shared I’ll always hold so dear
When you’re alone say ‘nevermore’ and you’ll have nothing to fear
So it goes
Once I was lost but baby, now I’m found
And it’s all thanks to you
Life gets better, don’t you forget that
But when you’re unsure remember my words: ‘nevermore’

Every day I’ll remember this
Through the rain I’ll remember all those times of bliss
Every day I’ll remember this

Great job guys! And it looks like they’re going for a “Memories of You” Cover. Looking forward to it!

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