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If you’ve been looking around the site in the past few hours you would notice something suspicious whenever you begin loading a page: content posts load by themselves. Which allows the page to not reload itself, reducing waiting time for you.

Yep, I’ve implemented a small plugin / code snippet that enables the site to load page content below the “content” element ID.

loadingplaceholder image ajax

Pretty much like how Facebook loads a bunch of content instead of reloading the whole page everytime a user interacts with the site, the site instead delivers the specific desired content, which reduces waiting time for the user. Which in turn, makes people interact with the site more… or so I think.

Contents that were changed and have AJAX enabled in them:

  1. Posts
  3. Member sections of the site
Unfortunately, I have yet to find a solution to implement this in the admin panel, which is reaaaally needed as far as I know. lol. if ever it happens, I’ll be bloggin’ more like every single day. =w=

Anyway, you might encounter bugs here and there; if ever you do encounter them do not hesitate leaving a comment here in this post or by sending mail to inquiries@sakuraindex.jp




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