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May 23, 2024 – SEGA is thrilled to announce that up-and-coming Italian Studio, Jyamma Games, has released the PlayStation®5 and Steam demo version of its Soulslike action RPG, Enotria: The Last Song. Pre-orders for the full game through the PlayStation™Store is also being accepted at this time.

Enotria: The Last Song is a Souls-like action RPG inspired by Italian folklore and culture. Adventure through the beautiful, sun-kissed realm that hides danger behind its bright facades.

The continent of Enotria was once a land where many cultures and countries lived in prosperity, until the Canavaccio– a demented, never-ending play– transformed it into an unmoving, decaying husk. Now, as the Maskless One– one who has no role, you must don the Mask of Change and fight to free the world from stagnation.

Step into the never-ending play with the demo version of Enotria: The Last Song! As you navigate through a gorgeous but menacing Italian-inspired landscape, discover Masks that grant various devastating abilities to choose from.

Learn more about the world and the game’s intricate combat system with Jyamma Games’s latest trailer, which released alongside the demo.

*The demo will only be available until July 30, 2024.


Enotria: The Last Song – Gameplay Showcase



In addition, pre-orders for the PlayStation®5 version are now being accepted on the PlayStation™Store. Players can pick up the Standard Edition or the Deluxe Edition—which offers a wide array of DLC add-ons and 72-hour early access alongside the base game.

Lastly, the release date for the Digital Standard Edition of Enotria: The Last Song will be pushed back, releasing on September 19th instead. Players who have purchased the Deluxe Edition will be able to start playing from September 16th. The release date for the Physical Edition is still pending. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience experienced.


Entoria: The Last Song Demo - 02


Enotria: The Last Song Deluxe Edition Contents


• Base game (72-hour early access)
• Original Soundtrack Extract (Digital copy)
• Digital Artbook Extract
• DLC Expansion
• Exclusive Weapon Skins Set
• Recovery Item Set
• Upgrade Material

Enotria: The Last Song Launch Edition Bonus

• Original Soundtrack Extract (Digital copy)
• DLC Upgrade Weapon Material

*The Original Soundtrack Extract contains the same content as the version bundled with the Deluxe Edition.

SEGA has signed a sub-publishing agreement with Jyamma Games to bring the physical edition to Japanese and Asian markets, and will oversee its production and distribution.



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