Entoria: The Last Song Info

June 18, 2024 – SEGA is excited to share details about the world of Enotria: The Last Song, a Soulslike action RPG developed by emerging Italian Studio, Jyamma Games.


Learn About Jyamma Games and its Vision


Entoria: The Last Song Info


Enotria: The Last Song is developed by Jyamma Games, an up-and-coming independent developer based in Milan. In this adventure inspired by Italian folklore and culture, you’ll be exploring the beautiful sun-kissed land of Enotria.


Entoria: The Last Song Info


However, dark secrets lurk behind its bright facades, and it is up to you to unravel the mysteries of this stunning world.


The Eternal Play


The world has been gripped by the Canovaccio—a twisted eternal play that keeps the world in unnatural stasis.


Entoria: The Last Song Info


You, Maskless One, are the only one free from a given role and master of your destiny. Defeat the mighty Authors that created it and free the world from stagnation by harnessing the power of Ardore.



Enotria: The Last Song draws inspiration from commedia dell’arte, an early Italian form of improvisational theater. Throughout its story, you’ll encounter famous character archetypes that appear in such plays. Additionally, every painting, weapon, outfit, or area can be traced back to a real-world equivalent in Italy.


Alter Reality


Channel the power of Ardore to dynamically alter reality. Swap strategically between environmental states to solve puzzles, reveal secrets, traverse a decaying world and gain a strategic edge in battles.



Behold a Brand-new Cinematic Trailer


During Summer Game Fest, Jyamma Games unveiled an action-packed new trailer, featuring a fearsome battle showcasing the Mask of Change’s powers.

“Enotria: The Last Song – Summer Game Fest 2024 Trailer” (English)



Try the Demo for a Limited Time!


Step into the never-ending play with the demo version of Enotria: The Last Song, which is now available on the PlayStation Store and Steam! As you explore and fight your way through Quinta, the City of Actors, utilize various Masks that grant devastating abilities.

The demo will only be available until July 30, 2024.
All images shown are from the English version of the game, which is still under development.

SEGA has signed a sub-publishing agreement with Jyamma Games to bring the physical edition to Japanese and Asian markets, and will oversee its production and distribution.



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