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May 23, 2024 –SEGA has revealed a new trailer for Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, which will be coming to Nintendo Switch™ on June 25, 2024. Learn more about the colorful cast of characters you’ll be monkeying around with and the wide array of options available for customizing their appearance!


Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble Character Roster Reveal Trailer







Super Monkey Ball Characters - 02


Our banana-loving protagonist who’s always got bananas on his mind.

He’s a happy-go-lucky guy who can be a bit scatterbrained at times, but never fails to come through.




Super Monkey Ball Characters - 03


A stylish monkey who’s got her stuff together.

While she loves AiAi, she’s a bit frustrated that he doesn’t pay her enough attention.




Super Monkey Ball Characters - 04


AiAi and MeeMee’s child from the future.

He may be young and pampered, but he does what he’s gotta do!




Super Monkey Ball Characters - 05


A super strong monkey who loves working out.

GonGon used to be AiAi’s rival, but now they’re best buds!




Super Monkey Ball Characters - 06


A mischievous little girl.

Since learning Hachi-en-Ken – the mightiest monkey martial art – from her father, she has nothing to fear.





A monkey that one day washed up on Monkey Island with amnesia.

The other monkeys gave him the moniker “Doctor” because of his brilliant inventions.





An adventurer searching for the Legendary Banana to find her father.

Drawing, treasure, and all things that glitter put a smile on this monkey’s face. Her sharp observation skills allow her to see through traps with ease.


Personalize Your Character with over 300 Customization Parts!


From hats and shoes to balls and effects, customize your look with more than 300 Customization Parts. By progressing through the game, you might even get your hands on costumes that’ll transform your look from head to toe.




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