Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 01 KV

May 16, 2024 – SEGA has revealed more information about the stages and items available in Super Monkey Ball Banana Rumble, which will be coming to Nintendo Switch™ on June 25, 2024. Take a look at the stages you’ll be competing on when you play Robot Smash, Ba-BOOM!, and Goal Rush!

Compete with up to 15 friends, family members, and players from around the world in Battle Mode, or tumble your way within the time limit across 200 new stages in Adventure Mode for the traditional Super Monkey Ball experience. Delve into a brand-new story and meet new characters on your adventure!


A Glimpse at Some of the Stages in the All-new Battle Mode


Challenge friends, family, and players around the world (up to 15 other players online) to a plethora of games in Battle Mode.


Robot Smash


Robot Smash splits the players into 2 teams, who will need to rack up points by ramming into robots and blowing them to smithereens! The team that brings home the most points will be crowned the winner!


Treasure Colosseum


Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 02


A lavish six-sided stage inside a temple. Pass through the shrine gates to smash up robots!


Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 03


Use the launch pads throughout the stage to deal high-speed attacks on the robots.


Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 04


Aim for the head of the giant robot from the second floor to score lots of points.




In Ba-BOOM!, pass the bomb to an opponent before it explodes in this explosively fun game of tag! If you’re not holding a bomb at the end of a round, you’ll get a point!


Starlight Plaza


Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 05


A floating maze within a town bathed in the sunset glow. Use its intricate paths and obstacles to elude the bomb!


Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 06


The floor even moves! Getting caught might just spell doom!

Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 07


In some areas, you’ll also be able to use conveyor belts to create distance between yourself and the bomb carrier.

Goal Rush


In Goal Rush, break off into 2 teams and make a peel for the goals! Win by getting the most points!


Downhill Desert


Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 08


A long, dust-filled desert course. Score lots of points by aiming for the goals around the rotating obstacles and steep slopes!


Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 09


Keep an eye out for the goals connected to the rotating obstacles—they’re worth lots of points!


Super Monkey Ball Special Stages - 10


Once you get a knack for the controls, try using the ramps to reach some particularly tricky goals!


Liven up Battle Mode with Some of These Items!


Grabbing one of the yellow item boxes or filling up your Item Gauge will give you an item at random.

Use these items to help you roll your way to victory!


Banana Peel


Launch one of these to trip up your rivals, or even make them fall down narrow paths!





Grow to an enormous size and send your opponents flying one after the other.



Ice Beam


Freeze your opponents to stop them in their tracks temporarily.





Blow up the competition with a guided missile! Don’t get caught in the blast—you’ll be blown away too!




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