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March 22, 2024 – SEGA is thrilled to announce that Enotria: The Last Song, a Soulslike action RPG developed by emerging Italian Studio, Jyamma Games, will launch on August 22, 2024. A new trailer has also been released.


“Even the despair is beautiful.”

Enotria: The Last Song, a Souls-like action RPG Gameplay Trailer


Enotria: The Last Song is a soulslike action RPG inspired by Italian folklore and culture. Adventure through the beautiful, sun-kissed realm that hides danger behind its bright facades.

The continent of Enotria was once a land where many cultures and countries lived in prosperity, until the Canavaccio – a demented, never-ending play – transformed it into an unmoving, decaying husk. Now, as the Maskless One – one who has no role, you must don the Mask of Change and fight to free the world from stagnation.

Starting from today, you can pre-order Enotria: The Last Song through video game retailers worldwide. Don’t miss out on the Deluxe Edition, which offers a wide array of DLC add-ons and 72-hour early access alongside the base game! If you’re one of the first to get a physical or digital copy of the game, you’ll receive a special launch edition bonus: the Original Soundtrack Extract and Upgrade Weapon Material DLC set.


*Other digital stores will accept pre-orders at a later date.


Enotria: The Last Song - 02


Enotria: The Last Song Deluxe Edition Contents


• Base game (72-hour Early Access available on August 19, 2024)
• Original Soundtrack Extract (Digital copy)
• Digital Artbook Extract
• DLC Expansion
• Exclusive Weapon Skins Set
• Recovery Item Set
• Upgrade Weapon Material

*DLC Expansion will be added as downloadable content after the release date.


Enotria: The Last Song Launch Edition Bonus


• Original Soundtrack Extract (Digital copy)
• Upgrade Weapon Material


The Original Soundtrack Extract contains the same content as the version bundled with the Deluxe Edition.
SEGA has signed a sub-publishing agreement with Jyamma Games to bring the physical edition to Japanese and Asian markets, and will oversee its production and distribution.



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