Today, at the exclusive fanclub event “10th Anniversary LIVE VIEWING TOUR 2023 -Nissy Meets You-” held at the Okinawa Convention Center Theater, it was announced that the collaborative song “Stormy” by Nissy and SKY-HI will be released as a single on April 17, 2024. This song was specially written for the upcoming movie, Blue Lock -Episode Nagi, scheduled for release in Japanese theaters on April 19, 2024. It marks the second collaboration between SKY-HI and Nissy, following their previous work on “SUPER IDOL.”


Blue Lock, serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine, is a highly popular manga that has surpassed 30 million copies in total circulation. The anime adaptation, which aired in 2022, drew attention with its intense character portrayals and death game narrative, set in a fierce environment where “only the world’s most egotistical player can become the greatest striker,” and gained global popularity as “the most passionate and craziest soccer anime in history.” The egos of the protagonist, Seishiro Nagi, and his indispensable partner, Reo Mikage, converge in this first-ever theatrical adaptation of the series, and the stoic musical composition portrays the intense human drama as they fiercely compete for a single crown.


Co-created by Nissy, SKY-HI, Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai, and Daisuke Nakamura, this song combines an iconic refrain and a powerful beat with Nissy and SKY-HI’s exceptional vocals and rap, along with lyrics that express the charm of Blue Lock.



Nissy-and-SKY-HI-to-Release-Single-stormy-blue-lock-episode-nagi© Eight Bit Co.



Production information


Blue Lock -Episode Nagi- Theme Song

Title: Stormy

Release date: April 17, 2024

Artists: Nissy and SKY-HI


Limited First Edition

Product No.: LAMR-34031

Price: ¥1,870 (inc. tax)


Standard Edition

Product No.: LAMR-4031

Price: ¥1,320 (inc. tax)



M1. Stormy

Lyrics: Takahiro Nishijima, SKY-HI

Composition: Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai, Daisuke Nakamura, Takahiro Nishijima, SKY-HI

Arrangement: Ryosuke “Dr.R” Sakai

M2. Stormy(INST)



Artist Profiles



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In 2013, he began self-produced solo activities under the name “Nissy.”
He personally handles various aspects of production, including songwriting, composition, stage direction, and music video direction. In 2019, he achieved the remarkable feat of becoming the youngest Japanese male solo artist to promptly sell out a four major dome tour. In October 2022, he held his largest solo artist tour to date, the “Nissy Entertainment 4th LIVE ~DOME TOUR~,” making him the second solo artist in history to embark on a six major dome tour, concluding with all performances sold out.


Engaging in both domestic and international activities, he has released songs like “When You Were Mine,” featuring all English lyrics, and “Feels,” a collaborative track with American rapper Saweetie. He also streams his performances globally on Prime Video, reaching audiences all over the world.


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SKY-HI, armed with not only overwhelming rap skills but also outstanding vocal, dance, and track-making abilities, consistently produces content filled with entertainment value and presents it to the world. In 2023, he achieved success with his first area tour.


In 2020, he established the management/label “BMSG” and took on the role of CEO. In the same year, he organized “THE FIRST,” a boys’ group audition, and the following year, he produced the boys’ group BE:FIRST. In 2023, his second boys’ group, MAZZEL, made its debut.



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