The five-member rock band ASH DA HERO, who belong to the MoooD Records label within Bandai Namco Music Live, have announced that their double A-side single “Beast Mode / Octave” will be released on May 29, 2024.


“Beast Mode” and “Octave” were written specifically for Blue Lock -Episode Nagi-, and both songs are used for important scenes within the movie.


“Beast Mode” is centered around the concept of “awakening.” It is an “egotistical” song filled with respect and love for Blue Lock, uniquely crafted by ASH DA HERO, who were also responsible for the theme songs of the Blue Lock anime series. It serves as the anthem for the “awakening” of Team Z, led by Isagi, and we highly encourage you to watch this pivotal moment in the theater.


“Octave,” on the other hand, is a song specifically written for Nagi, the protagonist of the movie. The lyrics accurately capture his initial feeling on encountering Reo and Isagi during a period of boredom and apathy in his daily life, as well as how his emotions gradually change as he fights for survival within Blue Lock. While it may seem like a straightforward rock song when paired with scenes from the movie, it carries an emotional undertone that evokes tears.


Both songs were available for early streaming on various distribution platforms from April 19, coinciding with the theatrical release of Blue Lock -Episode Nagi-. We hope you will listen to them many times after watching the movie.


Furthermore, a music video for “Beast Mode” was  released at 20:00 on the same day. In this video, the protagonist desperately runs from “something,” while ASH DA HERO delivers an intense performance amidst intertwined cables and lighting that disconcertingly pulses like a beating heart. As the song progresses, the dynamic between the protagonist and the unidentified entity gradually changes. ASH DA HERO’s performance is pivotal to conveying the theme of “awakening” depicted in the song. Please observe the fate of these intertwined characters through the intense cut-ins featured in the video.


Last year, ASH DA HERO experienced rapid growth through a series of collaborations and nationwide tours, and there is no doubt that they will continue to evolve and “awaken” further in 2024. Don’t miss a single moment of their journey!


◆Release Information


Double A-Side Single “Beast Mode / Octave”

Early Digital Release: April 19, 2024

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“Beast Mode” Music Video

CD Release Date: May 29, 2024
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Blue Lock Edition (CD only standard edition)

Product No.: LAMR- 4032

Price: ¥2,200 (inc. 10% tax)


  1. Beast Mode
  2. Octave
  3. Light my fire
  4. Beast Mode -instrumental-
  5. Octave -instrumental-
  6. Light my fire -instrumental-



ADH Edition (CD & Blu-ray limited first edition)

Product No.: LAMR- 34032

Price: ¥7,150円 (inc. 10% tax)

CD tracks are the same as the Blue Lock Edition

Blu-ray contents:

  1. ASH DA HERO LIVE TOUR 2023-2024 “HUMAN” TOUR FINAL Live Movie
  2. Making of the music video “Beast Mode”
  3. Behind-the-scenes of recording “Octave”
    *The Live Movie includes 8 songs: “One Two Three,” “Persona,” “Shinsekai,” “Super Sonic,” “Hakuchumu,” “Judgement,” “GIANT KILLING,” and “Light my fire.”







Formed by ASH (Vo.), Narukaze (Gt.), Sato (Ba.), WANI (Dr.), and Dhalsim (DJ) in September 2021, this five-member band creates music rooted in rock, punk, and hip hop, expressed through a versatile style. ASH’s vocal strength and the band’s collective, overwhelming live performances are a must-see. This is a new era mixture rock band where five talents have fatefully converged.


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