GHOST - DECO*27 Album Cover

Limited Quantity Special Edition

Housed in the original pizza box-shaped case, limited commercial edition, plus exclusive T-shirt, towel, Postcard Set (with signature!) and paper napkin/serviette all packaged!


The longer you stare, the hungrier I get...

The longer I stare, the hungrier I get…

7″ paper sleeve with 20pages booklet, CD[13 tracks]+DVD[Region:0/NTSC])

The pizza box cover!

The pizza box cover!

Limited Edition T-Shirt

Limited Edition T-Shirt

CD Tracklist

Disc1: CD

01. Ghost Rule

02. Reversible Campaign


04. Bad Tone #33

05. DSCF

06. 118

07. Turret Of Justice


09. Find The Light (A collaboration with Hatsune Miku which was featured in the hit game “The World of Mystic Wiz”)

10. Life Sick

11. Hedgehog

12. Sprite Girl

13. at

Disc2: DVD

MV “Streaming Heart”

MV “Find The Light” (Full version)

“MIKU in the GHOST” Analog Live Drawing by Oguchi


If you pre-order now DECO*27’s “GHOST” album on iTunes, you can download 3 full-songs (“Ghost Rule”, “118”, “Liar Dance”) which have been released on August 26. And an additional song (“Sprite Girl”) has been released Sept2!

iTunes Link:


You can pre-order the whole set at the UMAA’s Jugemcart:



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