I think we’ve shared this over our fanpage already, but it doesn’t hurt to share again, right? ^,..,^

Katy Teiko, a cosplayer from China, makes a pretty good impression of our favorite tomato-based idol Nishikino Maki (西木野真姫). Our Adorability Meter(TM) has gone off the charts, as her photos portray the chatacter a little bit too accurately.

Here are some of the samples taken from her FB Fanpage:

(click on an image to view full size)

You can view the original post here.

Katy says that this is part of a bigger Love Live! photo set. You can view the entire group photo gallery by visiting the link posted in the original post on her fanpage, as it is giving us a 404 error when we try to link it +_+

You can like her page to keep track of anything new she posts from her collection and any of her shenanigans: http://fb.me/katyzyx

Keep up the good work Katy!



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