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Word: じてんしゃ
Dictionary Form:N/A
Kanji: 自転車
Romaji: jitensha
Romaji (Dictionary Form): N/A
Meaning: Bike, Bycicle


The bicycle is a very essential part of Japanese Culture, as it is used by many from various ages. Many students ride it to the school. Office workers use the bicycle to work so they can both exercise and lessen their travel expenses. To others, the bicycle signifies the freedom to travel.

Bicycle lane @ crossing

There are even bicycle parking slots in the malls, parks, schools, and offices. You can really see the support the Japanese Government gives to the use of the bicycle. You won’t see that here in my neck of woods ^^;

Kanji Dissection

The Kanji for Jitensha is broken down into three:

自 -> Ji, which means “self”
転 -> ten, which means “transfer location / translocation”
車 -> sha, which means “vehicle” Alone, it can be read as “kuruma”

*Please note that the reading I’ve mentioned here are only for the combination for bicycle. The Kanji can be read differently depending on usage.

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Images from LuunaticJoker,Ivva



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