The month of romance is here! Things have gotten exciting once more in Rakion, as new items, features and returning promos await dedicated players!

Robox is the trend!
Loved Amazon’s mascot, Danbo? You can try out the Robox costume set, made with 100% genuine cardboard boxes! Show your opponents and friends that having cute looks doesn’t always mean you’re to be taken lightly. Get the newest costume now and rule with a cardboard hand! *Well, literally.*

Extend your epic adventures further with Par’s Hammer!
par's hammer(gold)This new feature actually reminded us of TM’s astig extend combo service (LOL). This great cash item allows players to extend the duration of their limited duration items for a smaller fee. Greatly helpful and saves players from spending more on re-purchasing the same items!

Epic pure white weapons now available!

Another great set of items to look forward to is the upcoming Pure White weapons, more powerful than any weapon in-game imagined. These sweet items may only be available with a limited duration, but having the lifesteal ability makes using it all worthwhile! Players can try them out by visiting the Post, but they can use it for a longer duration by using Par’s Hammer. Below are some character previews; get your own at the nearest Post now!
archer pure white weapons

swordsman pure white weapons

Poke Chance Returns!
Poke Chance received good feedback from the community and now it comes back with a great bonus! This time, there will be no restriction to all items! Spend your event points to get poke chances and you may win high-level items!

Chocolate Giveaway!
February is a month of chocolates for many, and Rakion is going to spread the chocolate love to its players every day! Log in every day to get chocolates from your Post. The chocolates lets you receive a random item, including a rare Power User Card!
Players can log in during the following times to receive their chocolate items:

  • Weekdays (2x) – 12:00 & 22:00 (GMT +9)
  • Weekends (3x) – 12:00, 20:00 & 22:00 (GMT +9)

Daily Valentines Day Quest!
Log in every day during the event period and you’ll receive a Valentines Quest event scroll in your Post. You can claim the event scroll once a day only.

For more about Rakion’s ongoing events and promos, you can visit



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