NIKKE Maid Cafe Event

NIKKE (a.k.a. Goddess of Victory: Nikke) celebrated its half year anniversary with two events with one being the NIKKE Maid Cafe Event at the Wiltlover Cafe in Ayala Malls Circuit in Makati.






NIKKE Maid Cafe


The NIKKE Event was scheduled for the whole weekend (May 20 to 21) at the Wiltover Cafe in Circuit Makati.






The maids in the cafe were NIKKE Cosplayers in their maid outfits. They were friendly and welcoming to the customers which provided a very warm and welcoming atmosphere for the event.





They gave us a menu for the drinks and my choice was Noir’s Cholloate Chip Frappe since it was the non coffee drink. My friends did enjoy the rest of the flavors like Cocoa’s Secret Recipe (disclaimer: it has no ketchup as promised). I really liked the Frappe and the character themed drinks came with the NIKKE character on the cup sleeves.



JL Mondragon






JL Mondragon and Katiecakey were the special guests for that day and may I say Mr. Mondragon slayed it with his outfit (complete with the lights).








There was raffle draw at the end of the event with  NIKKE goodies to be given away. One lucky winner got a NIKKE body pillow that is very sought after by the game’s biggest fans. Sadly, the prize didn’t land on this author. Sorry guys.














NIKKE had a booth located in AniFes Circuit this weekend where fellow players joined the contest to win some prizes. There was a lot of interested con-goers went to the booth and got some freebies upon completion of the challenges.


Sakura Index thanks NIKKE Philippines, Level Infinite, and Tencent for inviting us to the media event on Saturday.



Photos by: Author and Linus Santos



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