Halloween 2013 Anime Image Pack

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Writer’s Note: I kinda wanted to feature a list of a few horror anime shows for Halloween, but unfortunately, I’m not a fan of watching any of that sort. It’s hard to recommend shows that I haven’t watched, so I decided to give out an image pack for this year instead. Might as well work on a Halloween theme for Windows next time, but it will have to wait til next year. Welp.

It’s been a long time since we released an icon pack, and since many of are preparing for Halloween today, we might as well join the festivities! Here’s a compilation of some of the best Halloween fan-made illustrations over at Pixiv! Feel free to download all images in one zip file or individually, just click on the image thumbnails below.

Do note that these are not original illustrations by Sakura Index, but rather, collected from artists at Pixiv. For the sake of these hard-working people, please don’t monetize anything out of the images. Thanks!

Download Directly!

Download Directly!



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