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3 Comments to Seven Anime Childhood Friend Characters Who “Won”

  1. Osananajimi have the Westermarck effect against them. If a couple grows up together some observable sexual desensitization occurs, some natural mechanism to prevent incest/inbreeding. The opposite works as well, if siblings of the opposite sex grow up appart and meet in their adolescence, sexual imprining occurs ( plot sounds familar?) Maybe you guys should do WINCEST for another article?

    1. You got a good point there– I remember a couple of protags mentioning on how they treat their osananajimi like a sister or close relative. Childhood romantic endings rarely happen, especially if there’s a harem involved, if one does truly happen (betting on Infinite Stratos to be a good example for this), the win makes it even more worth it. On the other side of things, “that” would be a sure addition to a wincest list, should we make one. Thanks for that suggestion!

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