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fhána’s new single “divine intervention” is out on sale on iTunes!

opening theme-song for the anime “witch craft works” Releasing their major debut single “Que sera sera”

Music Covers: Persona 4 – Never More ENGLISH by Sapphire

There are some covers that are good. There are some covers that are bad. Still some,
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[Download] Ringtone: Uguu

Yep I know, the song gets a bit irritating in the long run, but I can’t
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Dango My Nigga Remix ft. Busta Rhymes

Despite what the title says, the song is so frikin catchy. You’d better listen up homies.
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Do As Infinity’s Van Tomiko Marriage Announcement

Van Tomiko of Do As Infinity announced her marriage to a non-celebrity husband 4 years younger.
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Uchuusentai NOIZ: Kamikazee’s NARDA Cover

This Rendition of Narda will knock your socks off Have you heard of Uchusentai NOIZ? Or
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DECO*27’s “Love Calendar” album released on iTunes!

DECO*27, one of Japan’s fastest rising artists, released his third full-length album via iTunes on July

LiSA, Kalafina, Aoi Eir, Haruna Luna & LR Harmony to perform at TYPE-MOON Fes 2012

TYPE-MOON Fes 2012 is a two-day event that will take place in Japan this coming summer.
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Kana Hanazawa – Hoshizora Destination (Review and Download)

Kana Hanazawa has released her first ever single this month; one of the very few things