Kana Hanazawa has released her first ever single this month; one of the very few things I look forward to from seiyuus. Hanazawa is one of my (probably the most) favorite anime voice actresses because of her versatility in roles, but not forgetting her trademark cutesy imouto voice heard in a lot of series for the past seasons. You might be familiar with a lot of characters she dubbed in the past shows, but here’s some of them and you might want to click the image to know more.

Just a few of the many roles I remembered from Kana Hanazawa. Can you name all of them? Which one is your favorite?

Anyways, her first single, Hoshizora Destination, is finally out, and a lot of anticipating fans wonder how she’ll fare in the music industry. Her single was what I expected – bubbly, fun and dreamy. Personally, I believe she got off a good start and she has once again impressed me with her prowess in singing. Not the best compared to everyone else, but listening to her track songs made me comfortable and at ease (even had a one-song playlist for Saturday Night Musical for a day). If you are interested in getting her album, you can download or purchase it over the net (please support Kana Hanazawa by buying the album!).

Additional Information:

Album Name:
Hoshizora ☆ Destination
Artist: Kana Hanazawa

Promotional Video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=As6lhOXaz_M

Track List:
1. Hoshizora Destination
2. Saturday Night Musical
3. Koi no Hajimari
4. Hoshizora Destination (Instrumental)

Buy the album here (CD Japan)



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