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Halloween 2013 Anime Image Pack

Writer’s Note: I kinda wanted to feature a list of a few horror anime shows for

Seven Anime Childhood Friend Characters Who “Won”

Be warned; lots of the article content contain spoilers! In romantic-themed anime shows or movies, having
Same Seiyuu

Seiyuu Chart: Kill la Kill

TRIGGER’s Kill la Kill has been one of the most watched anime series this season, mainly

Japanese Vocaloid Producer ‘siinamota’ Releases New Album ‘Alterour Setsuna Pop’

The “Vocaloid” (a singing vocal synthesis program from Japan) scene is perhaps one of *the* most

Fighting Climax: Play as Asuna, Shana, Kirino or any Dengeki Bunko Character

Would you play an arcade fighting game that features some of the biggest anime characters in

Valvrave the Liberator Character Popularity Ranking

One of Sunrise’s ongoing anime shows this season is also one of the most highly anticipated,

Anime Folder Icons Free Download – Fall 2013

Fall season has started! Some shows will start airing as early as this week, and we
Same Seiyuu

Seiyuu Chart: Gen’ei wo Kakeru Taiyou

Gen’ei wo Kakeru Taiyou has piqued the interest of many fans of the magical girl genre;