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Mirai Water: Water Reimagined

Sorry Danny, I just had to do it. Just had to. Muhahahahahahah.

Anime Folder Icons Download (Summer & Fall 2012)

Major update! You can find anime  folder icons for most aired series for the last two

Elemental Tale MMO entering CBT on Dec 14 2012

  Elemental Tale, a 3D MMORPG developed by Extreme Co., LTD and published by SNSPlus and NAZUMITek,

Take Flight: Asuna “The Berserk Healer” Cosplay

Hello Everyone~ It’s been  awhile since I made an entry here. I was pre-occupied by a

Web Koihime Musou

    Publisher: Bean Fun Developer: BaseSon I’ve been mostly stuck around the office for some

Dragon Saga Kafra Post

YES. I haven’t updated for a time now, because frikin Dragon Saga has been taking up