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A typical anime blogger, with perfectly healthy hobbies related to anime, manga, and games. Loves browsing imageboards for fanart and the like. A frustrated figure collector. Will work for anyone who can donate an Araragi Koyomi figma, and every new Nendoroid that will come out in the future.

18 Comments to Anime Folder Icons Download (Summer & Fall 2012)

  1. can I ask if I can found Asura Cryin, HenZemi, Hidan no Aria, Shuffle!, and the World that god only knows in your Anime Folder Icons Full (Updated)?
    thanks for your reply 😀

    1. Hi! I only added Asura Cryin’ (first and second season) in the download link ( The others you were looking for are already in the previous zip files.

      Hen Zemi – Hen Semi.ico
      Hidan no Aria – ARIA THE ANIMATION.ico
      Shuffle! – Shuffle.ico
      TWGOK – Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai S1.ico (and S2)

      Download the complete icon zip file. Link found at the bottom of the article page. Good luck! ^^

          1. hello again althea sama 😀
            please let me know if you have these because I can’t find it 🙁
            A – Channel, Busou Shinki, (Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru!) , Kanamemo and Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo..
            thank you

    1. Here’s the download link for your requested icons:

      I had trouble finding a good image for Onegai Twins (most of my searches gave me very low res images), so the one in the zip file is a bit rough. But hopefully, you can make good use of it somehow. XD I also added Gungrave there (only the title, no character image). Enjoy!

    1. Will do~ Just finishing some work projects for this month then I’ll start making them. Can’t also wait to make these icons! This season has a lot of good shows! 😀

  2. Thanks, I really love the icon folder from sakura index!! >.<)b .but I can't find dog days season 1 folder icon, I hope sakura index will make it… =w=

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