The title or cover peg or art of Nikki's Little Secret

Using a unique versatile software…

In the past month I got myself hold of a copy of ComiPo!, which is a point-click manga-making software by Web Technology Com Corporation. The way the UI and the ability to create manga and characters is awesome, but it does come with a hefty price tag: ComiPo! sells for $49.95. You can get it from one of the three distributing stores here.

Anyway, I digress, and here’s the original announcement—

Announcing an all-new and original series

The title or cover peg or art of Nikki's Little Secret

The title or cover peg or art of Nikki’s Little Secret

Nikki’s Little Secret is where Nishio Sei (西尾斉), a 17 year old high school student, is living with her pretty yet popular English teacher Yokodera Nikki (横寺二ッキ). Everything would have been fine even if he’s the center of his classmate’s envy, but he has been keeping Nikki-sensei’s little secret: She is in love with nendoroids! The craziness of it all is that Nikki-sensei doesn’t know that he knows at all, and she thinks she has kept her secret well…

The story begins when Sei begins to not be able to contain the secret anymore, and tells her bluntly that he knows…

The idea came about when I started doodling around ComiPo!, and that a friend of mine was a game writer and designer just recently started out on her quest for Nendoroids. I made an initial comic about it, and she liked the idea of a sensei hiding her nendo powers. She wanted to begin illustrating some characters, and then that night I began re-designing the characters. Initially, I only thought of only making two characters, but as the story unfolded in my mind I was able to make two more!

SO yep, the other two also have secrets, and we’ll be able to reveal them in time– well, up till I get to finish the first chapter or two I think ^^;

Anywho, the story is still in the works, and not yet final– tell us what you think! If you’ve got an idea or two that would greatly add to our story just leave them in the comment section below 😀

So that wraps up this post for the week. Yep, I know, it’s been a week and I didn’t have an update (sorry!). I still got Chrome themes to think about, and yet I started something again (yes, I know, kick me. COZ I FEEEEEEL). And also, I’ve got to catch up on my animu…

Ah and yep, we’ll begin revealing the characters in the next few days and weeks, and we’ll be showing and discussing with you the characters background, and maybe their little secrets.

See you guys next time!



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