Check out Wolfteam’s newest content additions and events for March! The wolves are back for more action yet again, and the soldiers need to gear up to face them on the battlefield once more. Both old and new soldiers will be sure to enjoy the new stuff that awaits them!

New Event: Challenge the Master Sergeant (March 11 – April 7, 2013)msgteventRegister for Wolfteam now and you can easily join the ranks of the veteran players! When you register for the game, you’ll automatically receive these items to help you with your leveling adventures:

  • Fanas MC 5D
  • 1-115 GL 5D
  • Tattoo B(Axe DP) 5D 
  • AI-Normal Ticket 7D 
  • GP Plus (30D)

As new players get promoted to a certain class, they will get additional item packages as rewards for their valiant effort:

Private First Class

  • Christopher Smith 7D
  • Pedro Gomes 7D
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Guardian) 7D
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Berserker) 7D
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Smart) 7D


  • CS-H03A Helmet 7D
  • CS-U03A Vest 7D
  • CS-U08A Glove 7D
  • CS-L03A Boots 7D
  • PG-H03A Beanie 7D
  • PG-U03A Cross Band 7D
  • PG-U09A Gloves 7D
  • PG-L03A Boots 7D
  • 20K Gold Coupon 1EA
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Ice) 7D
  • Basic Wolf Strengthening item(Psycho) 5D)

Sergeant First Class

  • Weapon Jackpot Box 1ea
  • Wolf Jackpot Box 1ea
  • WC Item Jackpot Box 1ea

If the player reaches Master Sergeant Rank within the event period, he’ll be entitled to receive these items as a special reward!

  • Geremi Song(3G)-SWAT 7D
  • Yigit Demir(3G) –SWAT 7D
  • ELWRCi M6A L.E. 7D
  • Tattoo B(Haitai GL) 7D
  • Brutal Scratch 7D

That’s not all! If the character created during the event period reaches Sergeant rank, the player is automatically entitled a raffle entry for Be the Lottery event! Lucky winners can receive any of the following prizes:

  • 200,000 WC each for 5 users
  • 50,000 WC each for 10 users
  • 10,000 WC each for 20 users


Wolfteam Updates for March

There’s been some changes in a few in-game features and new characters available to make your Wolfteam experience more challenging and fun! Log in now to check them out!

Switch Mode
– to promote the balance in the game, the goals for both teams will be switched midway. Change was applied last March 6.

Hero Mode Outside Power Room
– players can now play Hero Mode outside the Power Room! This feature is available as of March 6.

New Characters: Z.I. Zoe
– You’ll find four new characters available when you log in! Starting March 13, players can create new characters for a new and stylish but badass look:

  • Marien Arnault(2G)-EZZ
  • Reinhard Schneider(2G)-EZZ
  • Lin Meiling(2G)-EZZ
  • Hamadah Bin Shabah(2G)-EZZ


Interested? Join Wolfteam now! You can visit their site at




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