Nihongo Diary

Written by Crosse

10 July 2012

Elementary 2 Book of Minna no Nihongo

Elementary 2 Book of Minna no Nihongo

It’s been a while since my last update. ^^;

Recently I’ve been engaged in new projects, as a writer for an indie game and as a composer for a friend’s project. I’ve been playing around with Garageband in iPad, so I’ve got my head around in composing music. 😀

Anyway, I’ve also been going with studying Japanese in the past few months, starting from November. Me and Althaea started with Elementary 1, and have learned a lot bit of the basics starting from Lesson 1.

Currently, we’re now on Elementary 2, Lesson 17. We’re deadly close to completing the level, which is Lesson 20. By then we’d be inching closer to the big goal of passing the Japanese Language Proficiency Test 5.

With that in mind, I’m looking for a good way of reviewing either Vocabs or sentence patterns. Any ideas in mind? I’ve been thinking to create a daily post, Japanese word of the day, which will cover at least one of the words from lessons 1-20 (or up to 30/35 in Elem3). In a way, it’ll force me to read at least one of the words and their meanings, and to read up on their Kanji and Hiragana.

Also I’ve been thinking of writing up some stuff about sentence patters for Elementary 1 up to 3. it’ll be a good reviewer for me as its writer, and also good reading material for whoever comes across the site (lol). Well, we can review together in a way, ne?

Anyway, back to reading the books. I barely passed the midterms a few weeks ago, and I’ve got lots of catching up to do ._.



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