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Conquer the Bronze Age with new playable cultures, units, mechanics and more


MAY 10th, 2024: SEGA Europe Limited and The Creative Assembly Ltd. have today announced a free update for Total War: PHARAOH that heralds the arrival of four iconic new playable cultures alongside over 150 new and reprised battle units, all within an expanded theatre of war.

Read the full announcement blog here.

The update will see Total War: PHARAOH’s campaign experience reworked to both improve existing gameplay foundations whilst providing players with a host of new content to better experience the turbulence of the Bronze-Age collapse. These additions include an expansion of the campaign map, adding the renowned and highly requested regions of Mesopotamia and Aegea to the conflict alongside their playable factions of Babylon, Assyria, Mycenae, and Troy.

Players can also expect further improvements to the strategic campaign layer such as the Dynasty system which adds mortality and succession to your faction leaders’ quest to leave behind a legacy that will survive the ages. Whilst within the battle layer, over 80 new units will arrive for the Mesopotamian factions, alongside the addition of over 70 reworked units for Mycenae and Troy that were first introduced with A Total War Saga: TROY.

The Total War: PHARAOH team will be revealing detailed insights into the development journey through a series of blogs and Q&A’s that will dive into the new content additions. This series will begin next week with a focus on the expansion of the campaign map and how the development teams are aiming to bring this long-lost world to life.

In addition to this update, the original Total War: PHARAOH campaign experience prior to this update will still be playable. More information on this will be revealed in a later blog installment.

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