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May 10, 2024 – SEGA has revealed the latest information about Metaphor: ReFantazio, the latest RPG from ATLUS’s Studio Zero, which will launch on October 11, 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, Windows, PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, and Steam.


A Cross-Continental Journey


Gauntlet runners: the vessels of your journey


The wilderness between towns is no place to casually stroll into—it’s a perilous zone infested with bandits and monsters. To traverse the wilderness, you’ll need a magic-powered vehicle known as a gauntlet runner. Think of it as your massive mobile base to command. With your gauntlet runner in tow, hit the road as you travel to each stop of your campaign to become king.


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Unwind in your gauntlet runner


While you’re in route to your next destination, make yourself at home in your gauntlet runner, just as you might in an RV! Feel free to cook, read, converse with your allies, or even take a nap! Your gauntlet runner features a war room, kitchen, lounge, and more facilities to enjoy. From its deck, you’ll be able to feel the epic scale of your quest as you pass through Euchronia’s vistas. With lots to enjoy in your gauntlet runner, it’ll be a key part of your experience!


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Stop by Various Destinations Throughout Your Journey


The Old Castle Town, Martira


In contrast to the Royal Capital’s splendor, Martira is a humble and idyllic town known for its larvabased dishes and heartwarming hospitality. While it might seem like a calm town, its people harbor unease for the giant sandworms that roam the nearby desert. With incidents of threats against Martira’s townsfolk, you and your party will need to step up and give them a hand.


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Enjoy Various Locations at Your Stopovers


Recruitment Centers and Bounties


At recruitment centers, take on requests to exterminate monsters that have been threatening the townspeople. You’ll be able to earn money and valuable items by completing them! However, be careful not to bite more than you can chew: some requests might lead you into dangerous situations!


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Taverns and Informants


During each stop of your journey, you and your allies can grab a bite at the local tavern. While there, informants may be willing to sell you valuable tips about specialty items in stores or sightings of certain monsters. Some may come at a hefty price, but they can provide useful advice against potential enemies and how to adequately outfit your party for a dungeon!


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Weapon Shops and Armor Shops


With the dangers that come hand in hand with dungeon exploration, be sure to stop by the town’s weapon and armor shops. You’ll be able to pick up additional gear, alongside the weapons and armor you find in dungeons. These stores can also appraise the loot you find in dungeons!


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Inns offer you some respite from your travels. Once you’re done for the day, you can rest your weary body, plan the next step of your journey, and move on to the events of the next day.


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Support Folk in Need of Help and Take on Quests at Each Stopover


As you progress through the main quest, try tackling a few side quests. In your journey, you’ll meet different kinds of people, some of whom may ask you to exterminate monsters or explore certain areas. Completing these requests will net you a diverse range of rewards. You get to freely choose the next quest of your adventure: be it a face off against powerful enemies or one where you’ll receive rare equipment for your party.


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Strengthening your party is crucial to clearing important events of the main quest by their deadline, so be sure to take on some side quests along the way.


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Make The Most of the Town Map


View the places you’ve already visited and check your current location with the town map. Instantly travel to a location within the same town simply by selecting it from the map!


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See How the Adventure Unfolds


A journey to each corner of the world



In order to save the prince from his curse, the protagonist joins the race to become the king of the Kingdom of Euchronia. With powerful and influential rivals competing against him to gather the most supporters, the protagonist embarks on a half-year long journey to earn the trust of the kingdom’s citizens before the next king is decided. Will you be able to take the throne before time runs out?


Immersive time progression


Metaphor: ReFantazio’s calendar system adds a sense of realism to dates and deadlines. Enjoy traveling to various destinations in Euchronia—just keep an eye on your accommodation’s checkout time! Your travels will take you to all kinds of locales, including bustling capitals, rustic villages, and coastal cities. Who knows what unique locals, regional specialties, and even monsters await you there. As there is a time limit on your adventure, how you spend your days is up to you—live it up and make it the best adventure you can.



Behold the Royal Capital of Grand Trad


Key events in the story kick off in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Euchronia, Gran Trad—a bustling, extravagant city inhabited by people of various tribes. However, beneath the splendor of the royal capital lies an underbelly of rampant discrimination, wealth disparity, and social injustices. Executions take place in its back alleys and the homeless are left to squat on the streets. The city teeters on the verge of chaos, poised to erupt at any moment.




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