Japanese Word of the Day #1: Benkyoushimasu

Written by Crosse

11 July 2012

Japanese Word of the Day #1 (kyou no nihon no kotoba)

Japanese Word of the Day #1 (kyou no nihon no kotoba)

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that I was thinking of a way for me to easily remember Japanese vocabulary from Lessons 1-20 in Elementary 1-2. So here we are! I will try to update this daily as much as possible, so I can be able to make it a habit to take a look at one of the words on a daily basis, understand it and its writing, so I can memorize or remember it well.

Anyway, here’s the first word. I think I’ll go first with the easy (common) ones and move on to the more difficult ones later on.

Word: べんきょうします。
Dictionary Form:べんきょうする。
Kanji: 勉強します。
Romaji: benkyoushimasu
Romaji (Dictionary Form): べんきょうする。
Meaning: To study, studying

This is a pretty common term I usually hear when watching anime that features characters in a school setting. The word itself is made up of two parts, benkyou, the base noun for study; and shimasu, which is the verb for “to do”.

Sample Sentence:

[watashi wa shichiji ni benkyoushimasu] (I will study at 7)

Usually placed as a predicate in a sentence, and can have time placed before it with the particle ‘ni’.




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